Building structures

Another fun activity we attempted was to build strong structures from spaghetti, toothpicks and mini marshmallows. Brought back memories of when I taught Technology! Strength in triangles ? I did first try the marshmallow challenge but Leah had done it at school and so wanted to do her own thing this time ??‍♀️

Countries Series – Ireland (Dot painting, Cut and Sticking craft & Baking)

Today was Ireland ?? We watched a short video on Irish dancing (the girls were mesmerised). Did some dot painting for the rainbow. Cut and paste pot of gold. The girls then wanted to try bake an Irish Apple Cake! Thankfully we had the ingredients. We took a short tour of some tourist places to visit and the girls have now Ireland on their bucket list ? Especially Ashford Castle ? (Hogwarts)

Planting seeds

Our afternoon activity consisted of outside play and a spot of planting seeds. I’m not sure this is going to work, it’s the first time I’ve done it this way but let’s see apparently you get better results growing seedlings indoors? Some of these seeds we had (probably 10 years old so they probably won’t germinate) and some seeds I bought the other day before lockdown. ?????? Learning so much on lockdown? #lockdownlearning

Countries Series – Japan (Cherry blossom craft & Paper plate fan)

?? Japan was the country we visited today! The girls learnt about the cherry blossoms (unofficially Japan’s National flower) as well as Leah’s favourite food Sushi. We learnt about the Kabuki theater and watched a short clip explaining how the kabuki makeup/masks help tell what kind of character is being played. The girls were super excited to show me a Lego Ninjago scene with Kabuki characters. While we waited for the cherry blossom artwork to dry the girls made Japanese fans out of paper plates. The cherry blossoms were made from tissue paper we had from old gift bags (yay for keeping them and yes we do reuse gift bags?). We decided to not try make any dish today (I’m fussy about my sushi) so instead we will play a game of overcooked on the switch (have to make sushi in the game) and maybe if we can find a sushi place open we might treat ourselves to some sushi for supper! Yay for a night off cooking! ? ?

Kabuki in Lego Ninjago

Countries Series – Turkey (Marbling craft & Cooking Rice)

Today for fun we learnt about Turkey ?? They decided on a few countries they’d like to learn more about (having heard so much about all the different countries recently fighting Covid-19). We decided together what things they’d like to know more about each country. Things like capital city, currency, traditional food and clothing, tourist attractions, interesting facts and where in the world this country could be found. The girls then had a great idea to do a video of cooking some traditional pilav/pilaf rice. They also made marble pictures using shaving cream and food colouring (Ebru- Turkish art of marbling). Both girls really enjoyed this little “trip overseas “ they still wanted to watch a little YouTube about the country but it was getting late so we might do that tomorrow if they still interested ?I wonder what country they will pick tomorrow??

Making Pilav/Pilaf Rice