Countries Series – Japan (Cherry blossom craft & Paper plate fan)

?? Japan was the country we visited today! The girls learnt about the cherry blossoms (unofficially Japan’s National flower) as well as Leah’s favourite food Sushi. We learnt about the Kabuki theater and watched a short clip explaining how the kabuki makeup/masks help tell what kind of character is being played. The girls were super excited to show me a Lego Ninjago scene with Kabuki characters. While we waited for the cherry blossom artwork to dry the girls made Japanese fans out of paper plates. The cherry blossoms were made from tissue paper we had from old gift bags (yay for keeping them and yes we do reuse gift bags?). We decided to not try make any dish today (I’m fussy about my sushi) so instead we will play a game of overcooked on the switch (have to make sushi in the game) and maybe if we can find a sushi place open we might treat ourselves to some sushi for supper! Yay for a night off cooking! ? ?

Kabuki in Lego Ninjago