Play dough always a winner

We made play dough this morning. Recipe found here ? ? A really easy and quick recipe. I added some essential oils but that’s optional.

I am also including a pic of the girls playing with play dough yesterday that a friend gifted them. The play dough came with the most awesome bits and bobs to create and play with. The company is called Squiggle. Check out their website, so many awesome products for indoor imaginative play

It happened again

Sometimes we just need to slow life down a bit, take a stroll and just be…

Yes, I seriously suck at this blogging thing. I struggle to stay committed and have the time (and energy) to keep this little blog updated regularly. I have quite a few blogger friends and I honestly take my hat off to them, keeping it up with interesting content, not to mention the editing and uploading of images must be like a second job!

So a lot has happened in a year, main event being that I stopped homeschooling (so naturally lost my need to blog here) and life got a bit crazier- is that even possible? So like before I neglected this blog …sob sob sad story. However, I’m starting it again and will hopefully be writing about a lot more than just one aspect of our lives. I will change the tag line in time but for now I will leave it because I think this blog is evolving into something slowly, so let’s see where it goes. This is a blog first and foremost (if I can keep it up) a place for my girls to look back at one day and maybe relive some fond memories in addition to the emails that I send them which I’m proud to say is more regular than this blogging has been! Secondly, it’s for me to write, something I’ve always loved doing ( although not very good at especially grammatically) so please forgive my long sentences with poor grammar, I just want to get my thoughts and feelings down, maybe I will go back later to correct… or maybe not 🙂 Lastly, I do not for one second expect anyone to read this or to make fame and fortune (I will leave that to my real blogger friends to do) but if someone does happen to land here, I hope that it will at least be a fun read or maybe a bit thought provoking.

Chasing the wind is a very appropriate blog title for me personally, it is based on a verse in the Bible – Ecclesiastes 1:14 as well as the way I have always seemed to live life, always searching for the next adventure, chasing dreams and looking forward. It’s crazy because have you ever tried chasing wind? Exactly! It’s pretty tiring and probably impossible and yet in a way, I think we all chase the wind from day to day. Life is hectic and chaotic, like a windy day but then some days are slower, softer, like a breeze through the leaves on an autumn afternoon. Sometimes like on a windy day we get caught up in it all and get a little wind swept! I’m trying hard to have more autumn breeze days though, I need to chase the wind but at a softer pace and so I’m hoping that this will become the space to slow it down a bit. So here’s to a retake x3 of this little blog called Chasing the Wind…