Painting an animal peeking through the jungle

We started this weekend self isolating as far as possible and today we kept the girls home in an effort to flatten the curve. Keeping away from everyone is as much important for our health as to others especially the elderly and immunocompromised. In an effort to give inspiration and “help” to those searching for ideas on what activities can be done at home with what is generally found at home I will be sharing some of the activities we do on a daily basis over the next few weeks. Parents at my children’s school have even volunteered to read books for an hour a day over some form of online viewing to help parents get a bit of a breather (some parents still needing to work remotely while having to keep children entertained is difficult). But I digress, today we painted ( we have paints but you could probably use food colouring). It was a good 30 mins down time for me? the aim was to create an animal peeking through a jungle type scenery. Scarlett did the tiger, Leah did the snake. We used a National Geographic Kids magazine we had as inspiration.

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